Farm Worker. Florist. Tailor. Event Coordinator. Nanny. Telemarketer. Movie Extra. Mascot. Account Executive. ambassador.

Karli’s career as a successful speaker didn't happen over night. Karli has worked a variety of jobs, starting at the age of thirteen. From her first job on an asparagus farm to working with million dollar marketing clients. Once completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University, Karli worked as an Account Executive for an advertising and marketing firm near Chicago. After working on a project that required hundreds of dollars to Photoshop models, Karli knew the advertising field wasn't for her. She spent years of involvement in the Women's Rights Alliance club in college, Karli looked for a career and position where she could empower women, instead of Photoshop them.

For two and a half years Karli worked at Illinois's largest rape crisis center as a Prevention Educator and Victim Advocate. She presented bullying, stranger danger, dating violence and sexual violence prevention programs to thousands of students, simultaneously working with sexual assault victims in hospitals and hotlines.

Presentation after presentation, Karli started to realize that students wanted to hear from real life victims and survivors. Karli decided in order to make the biggest impact, students needed to hear these facts from someone who experienced it. In March of 2015, Karli left her full-time roll as a rape-crisis educator and advocate to start her own business.


40 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Training.

40 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training.

20-Hours Partner Abuse Facilitator Training.

Green Dot Bystander intervention Instructor Certification.

Youth mental health first aid certification.


Northern Illinois University

Masters of Science in Education
Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate
Law and Women Graduate Certificate

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Media Studies emphasis, art minor


New York City, Kodiak; Alaska, Las Vegas, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, Austin, Fresno, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Tampa, etc.