AbBie & Ollie


In recent years, Karli had been asking and researching WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO TEACH THE WORLD CONSENT? And what she, and so many others, found is that the earliest we teach kids the better. Her second question then became, HOW DO WE TEACH KIDS CONSENT? Prevention educators like Karli have been teaching kids consent for YEARS

But she came up with a new idea after rescuing a dog with anxiety who EVERYONE wants to pet... without asking.

And then she got pregnant and people touched her stomach... without asking.

And then she had an adorable baby boy who, even strangers, wanted to touch... without asking.

With the help of her adorable dog, Abbie and her beautiful boy, Ollie, Karli hosts the “Ask For It” educational program using her stories and experiences as a mom, and practicing petting Abbie, to teach children and adults across the country to ASK FOR CONSENT.